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Why You Should Use a Booster Seat

Mar 18 2022 Published by dayat under Uncategorized

It is imperative that people using vehicles such as cars for transportation, either as a passenger or a driver of the vehicle, should wear adequate safety gadgets such as car seat belts to protect their life and limit any damages in the event of any mishap during travel. Adults and children aged above 8 are prescribed to use these seat belts during the travel.

But such normal seat belts might not provide adequate safety for children, especially toddlers aged between 4 to 7 years. Historical evidence reveals that, in accident cases or mishap, tiny tots in this age group are the worst-affected, with major injuries and even succumbing to death.

A booster seat will be an ideal solution for the children in the age-group 4 to 7 who travel in a car. Accident records across the US have made a startling declaration that inadequate protection from normal car seat belts cause toddlers in the age-group 4 to 7 more susceptible to serious injuries. It has been made mandatory to use booster seats for children traveling in vehicles.

What does this booster seat do?

The child seated in a car cannot wear the normal seat belt as he or she would not be of adequate height and weight such that the protective belt covers both the chest as well as the hip portion with comfort and ease.

Booster seat overcomes this drawback by elevating the child to the required height so that the safety belt gets positioned correctly between the hips and the chest of the child, and ensure that the child is protected adequately in case the vehicle gets involved in a crash or accident. This booster seat will be of immense use, especially when the car is involved in a crash from the sideways.

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